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3 Tips for You to Test Your Air Purifier | ElitechEU

3 Tips for You to Test Your Air Purifier

Air purifiers are usually user-friendly devices. When you turn it on, you may not know if you are doing something. If you want to know if the air purifier is working properly in your home, there are steps you can take to check.

How do you know if your air purifier is working? A body check or air quality monitor may be performed to see if the air purifier is working properly. The body check will vary depending on the type of air purifier. However, it is possible to perform the same type of air quality test on all units.

During the physical inspection, we find that we can physically inspect the equipment or perform an air quality test in the room where the equipment is located. For air quality testing, electronic and digital tests or kits for testing chemical air quality can be used.

First, I will describe the physical methods used to determine if an air purifier is working properly, and then I will introduce air quality testing. Divide these verification mechanisms into four different categories.

1. Physical tests that can be performed wirelessly to see if the air purifier is working properly

Another way to verify that an air purifier is working properly is to visually observe the air in the room. This is largely intuitive and proves to be a very subjective method. However, if the air purifier claims to have eliminated strange animal odors in one day, and the animals still smell a week later, then the device is clearly not working properly.

People react differently to air, but after a few days of using an air purifier, the air should age less and be less stuffy. It also has fewer sinus, congestion and allergic reactions, which makes breathing easier.

An air purifier can significantly and sustainably improve the health of your respiratory system and the cleanliness of the air in your home. If you feel nauseous or don't notice any noticeable difference after a week of using your air purifier, alarm bells will go off and you can have further testing done to see if the unit is working properly.

2.Chemical test kit to check if the air purifier is working properly

If you want to take a more serious look at how your air purifier works, a chemical air quality test kit is a good place to start. Air quality test kits can be used to test your indoor air for mold and white mold, volatile organic compounds, and biological contaminants such as lint and pollen.

The purpose of these tests is to turn off the air purifier and run the test after 1-2 hours according to the instructions in the test kit. Record the results before turning the air purifier on. If the air purifier is running, run a second test after 24 hours.

If the results are the same or worse than if the air purifier is turned off, then there is a problem with the air purifier and the air purifier is not working. When I run this type of test, I assume I have an air purifier that works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

3. Digital and electronic air quality monitor to check if the air purifier is working properly

At the next level, it's best to digitize whether the air purifier is working or not. From a simple LCD particle counter to a more advanced WiFi enabled air quality detector with a display, you can compare outdoor and indoor air quality in real time with a variety of options.

A digital air quality monitor can detect almost any type of air pollution. Today, air purifiers with integrated air quality monitors are available in addition to the automatic display that comes with most air purifiers. The best digital air quality monitors I've seen are linked to a phone or browser application that allows you to monitor the air quality in your home remotely.

With all of these features, you have access to real-time data that you can see almost immediately when the air purifier is not working. With a digital air quality monitor, you can perform tests in the same manner described in the chemical test kit and compare the air quality when the unit is turned on and off. However, if you use a digital air quality monitor and the monitoring device shows the same air quality levels when in use and when not in use, the air purifier will not help you. You can watch.

Therefore, there are four main methods you can use to determine if your air purifier is working properly. If you are using a new unit and it does not pass these tests after a week of use, take it directly to the store where you purchased it. Good equipment comes with a warranty or money back guarantee.

I hope my information was useful. If you have any other suggestions or questions on this topic, please share them in the comments section below. You can talk through the chat.

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