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A detailed introduction to the use of RC-4HC from a Japanese customer | ElitechEU

A detailed introduction to the use of RC-4HC from a Japanese customer

A product that I found by searching for a temperature and humidity data logger. I will write the impression of the first day after it arrived.

If you are concerned about the specifications that are not written in the item description,

  • Size 84 x 44 x 20 mm,
  • Mass 38.78g (measured value including battery, measured value only for the main body), 47.69g including external sensor (measured value)
  • USB cable TypeA-miniTypeB, length 30 cm (excluding both connectors)
  • External sensor cable length 112 cm (up to the tip of the sensor)
  • Measurement temperature range -30 to + 60 ° C (built-in sensor, accuracy ± 0.6 ° C), -40 to + 80 ° C (external sensor, accuracy ± 1.2 ° C)
  • Measurement humidity range 0 to 99% RH (accuracy ± 3% RH)
  • Recording capacity 16000 points
  • Measurement interval: optional from 10 seconds to 24 hours
  • Battery life: 1 year for measurement at 15-minute intervals
  • Battery Coin-type lithium battery CR2450

Data collection software for PC can be downloaded from the manufacturer's site (URL is described in the package and instruction manual). Software and drivers are installed.

Recording start PC software or main unit button
Main unit display (when PC is not connected) By pressing the button, temperature, humidity, number of recording points, time, date, maximum temperature, minimum temperature, maximum humidity, minimum humidity are displayed in order. Display is turned off without any operation for 15 seconds. ▶ Displayed during recording. There is a PC mark display when connected to a PC, and it is always displayed.

An external temperature sensor is attached separately from the main body. The temperature sensor of the main body works in the nourishment body with the external sensor removed. Since the external sensor is only housed in a metal sheath, waterproofness is doubtful, but it seems that it can measure water temperature and ground temperature.

It can be operated standalone, but first it connects to a PC. USB is a mini USB type with a cable length of 30 cm. If you don't have a USB port on the front of your PC, you'll need a separate extension cable. The battery comes with a coin-type lithium battery CR2450. The battery cover was a little messy. And the one I bought had a bent terminal on the negative pole side. When using it in a stand-alone state, the LCD display disappears after 15 seconds of no operation. The instruction manual says that it is 15 minutes, but it is incorrect. Nothing is displayed, so I'm a little worried if it's working.

RC-4HC Temperature and HUmidity Data Logger Paremeter Information
  • Figure 1 shows the screen immediately after connection. The left side is the menu and the upper tab is the display switching.
  • Figure 2 is a parameter list that can be set with the Parameter set. Set various settings and click save to transfer to the main unit and start recording. A ▶ mark is displayed on the LCD of the main unit during recording. Incidentally, the desktop PC icon is displayed on the LCD screen of the main unit while connected to the PC. If it is not displayed, it means that communication is not established even if it is connected with a USB cable.
Elitech RC-4HC Temperature and Humidity Data Logger Graph
Elitech RC-4HC Tempearture and Humidity Detail Data List
  • Figure 3 is a graph. Click Download, download the data from the main unit, move to the graph tab, and it will be displayed like this.
  • Figure 4 is a data list. Go to the Detailed data tab to see a numerical list of the loaded data.

Unless you re-do the Parameter set, if you remove the main unit from the USB port after reading the data, recording will continue as it is.

Export data allows you to save data in Excel files and other formats.

Since it is a USB connection, communication is not possible unless the main unit and PC are connected, but other than that, it is generally good.

The price is reasonable and I think it's a good item to buy.

Elitech RC-4HC Temperature and Humidity Controller Page URL

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