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Air Quality Monitors and Air Analyzing in Buildings

As building residents become more concerned about health and well-being, companies need to consider how to manage their work environments. The most common method is get one air quality monitor. The well-known benefits of a healthy indoor climate include increased health and productivity for employees and residents.

The importance of monitoring indoor air quality

Most people know that the air we breathe outside can be polluted by harmful particles that affect our health. Less consideration is given to the fact that it makes no difference and can even be reinforced indoors. In narrow Spaces, poor air quality can lead to poor air quality, mainly due to the accumulation of CO2 or other pollutants from various sources.

Because some air conditioners are not equipped with proper filters, that is, the fact that pollutants from outdoor air are even distributed in the room, indoor air is 2-5 times higher than normal outdoor air.

That's a problem. Air quality affects the productivity, thinking, and overall health of people in buildings connected to people in buildings (especially those working in indoor office environments). This can lead to afternoon fatigue and exhaustion. Report sleepiness. This is supported by several studies, including one from the technical university of Denmark, which found that poor room quality can reduce office performance by 6-9%. Headaches and lack of concentration adversely affect common symptoms.

In addition, an EHP (environmental health perspective) study found that green building strategies can mitigate these effects, with low levels of volatile organic compounds (VOC) in the air providing 61% of indoor residents with cognitive function. You'll see that it increases. Increasing the high ventilation rate will increase to 101%. Productivity can be doubled by improving air conditioning alone.

As a result, many companies want to provide the best working environment for their employees, and it is clear how air quality management plays an important role in these jobs.

Air quality issues beyond health and well-being

Monitoring air quality is also an important issue from the landlord's point of view. If a landlord performs at a high level in this regard, he can win and retain the best tenants. And vice verse, but it's also important for risk management. As personal air quality monitors that measure an increasing number of environmental indicators become more common, landlords ensure that the environment is healthy, such as continuously running pollutants, i.e., not only at the design stage.

Health and welfare certification is the starting point

The standards provide specific thresholds for various indoor air quality parameters that are commonly used. These official standards provide a useful baseline for understanding acceptable levels of a particular pollutant.

However, keep in mind that time plays an important role in this situation. Short-term pollution is less of a problem than residents' continued exposure to concentrations close to or above the upper limit. Therefore, continuous monitoring, real-time analysis and warning messages are key to ensuring a sustainable environment in the long run.

This includes the right number and type of sensors installed at the right place in the building to get accurate readings and ideally all the data available for overall monitoring. You need a system that you can access.

Examples of AQ and environment monitoring sensors

In summary, in order to understand and manage workplace air quality, data must be recorded at fine intervals and processed in real time by air quality monitor with reliable sensors, and values above a certain limit must be identified. All of this data should be available for further analysis and reporting by relevant stakeholders to identify and manage problem areas.

Not surprisingly, as outlined by the global green building council, healthy buildings are not just about air quality. However, our overall air quality monitor can proactively manage the first three functions listed and work in a coordinated manner to create healthier, more environmentally friendly buildings and Spaces. I want to go.

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