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Best Manifold Ever! Some tips For DMG-4B Digital Manifold Gauge | User Manual

Best Manifold Ever! Some tips For DMG-4B Digital Manifold Gauge | User Manual

DMG-4B series digital manifold gauge integrates pressure temperature mode, pressure holding mode, vacuum mode and data recording mode into one. It is suitable for daily inspection and maintenance of refrigeration and heating ventilation systems to help users provide more real and accurate data, greatly improve the user's on-site work efficiency, and can completely replace the existing mechanical meter valves. At the same time, it supports APP to view reports and data analysis, real-time update of commonly used refrigerants, and remote firmware upgrades to continuously improve product user experience.

Elitech HVAC-DMG-4B

Note: The pressure holding mode, vacuum mode, and data recording mode need to be used after purchasing a package through the APP. 

Safety Instructions
1. This product is not suitable for the maintenance of ammonia (ammonia-containing) refrigerant system.
2. This product contains a battery inside. Do not place the product in a high-temperature environment or put it in a fire, otherwise there is a danger of explosion.
3. Do not use this product in thunderstorm weather, so as not to be struck by lightning, endanger life and damage the product.
4. Strictly abide by the safety precautions of the refrigeration system.
5. When using this product, please wear goggles and protective gloves. Before connecting to the system, carefully read the maintenance manual of the system unit for maintenance operations.
6. If you find that the product is damaged, please contact us in time. It is strictly forbidden to disassemble the product without permission, otherwise the product may be further damaged, and the battery may catch fire or even explode in serious cases.

Elitech HVAC-DMG-4B
Environmental protection
1. Comply with the local environmental protection policy. Refrigerants cannot be directly discharged into the atmosphere, and professional equipment must be used for recycling.
2. At the end of the service life of the product, please recycle it according to local regulations, and do not discard it at will to avoid environmental pollution.
3. Send the scrapped old battery to the specified waste battery collection point.

Offline Recording Mode

The offline recording mode can store data in the device without Bluetooth connection, and then export it for viewing through the APP.
Note: This function needs to be purchased before it can be used, and the purchase method is detailed in 4.4 of this article.
1.Connect the device to the APP and enter Dashboard interface.
2.Click Settings , click Record Function .
3.Recording Interval : Click Record Interval to select the interval time.
4.Start recording : Click to Recording , the recording icon on the device lights up and starts to flash (Figure 8 ).

Elitech HVAC-DMG-4B

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