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Brief Guide to Elitech Temperature Data Loggers

What is the Function of the Temperature Data Logger?

A temperature data logger is a portable temperature recorder that collects and stores data over time. You can download and view this data by synchronizing the data logger with available software options. During testing, reports can be created to check and verify temperature conditions. Temperature data loggers are commonly used to monitor conditions during the cold chain as well as in warehouses and laboratories.

Depending on the purpose and motivation of using the temperature data logger, various options are available, such as B. USB temperature data logger, wireless temperature data logger, temperature data logger with probe, and multichannel temperature data logger.

Typical Applications of Temperature Data Loggers:

Cold Chain Monitoring

Using a portable temperature data logger, you can record the temperature conditions during the cold chain. This process provides companies with proof that they meet data recording requirements and comply with legal requirements. Temperature data loggers can record freezing, cooling, or ambient during storage or transportation. The advantage of using a wirelessly enabled temperature data logger is that it provides reporting and data access to all concerned.

Temperature Validation

Thermal verification monitoring has been widely used in the food and beverage industry to capture extreme environments and large amounts of data. The external probe temperature data logger can be used to record accurate data during cooking and cooling. The wireless temperature data logger is also used for real-time inspection of ovens, freezers and autoclaves.

Environmental Monitoring

A wireless portable temperature data logger is ideal for monitoring the environment because it can record data without affecting the human reading screen. The data is uploaded via wifi and can be viewed on any device (anywhere you can access it). Temperature data logger with probes are commonly used to collect data on temperature, relative humidity, light, pressure and carbon dioxide parameters. This use of temperature data logger enables companies to demonstrate compliance with quality and regulatory standards.

Food Temperature Monitoring

When monitoring food temperature, check the condition of temperature-sensitive food to ensure compliance with food regulations. The data recorder in the refrigerator or freezer closely monitors ambient temperatures to ensure no deviations.

Oven temperature data recorders can be used when food temperature needs to be continuously monitored during cooking. Elitech provides the HACCP data recorder to perform and verify food temperature monitoring.

What Industry is theTemperature Data Logger Used in?

Because there are many industries dealing with temperature sensitive products, verification requirements and regulations must be met. You can also avoid wasting your product by monitoring temperature data. These include:

  • Medicines - For vaccines, it is important that the transport and storage conditions necessary to avoid degradation and effectiveness of the product are met.
  • Food/beverage - Temperature data loggers are used in refrigerators, freezers and storage environments.

Please follow the instructions below to select a temperature data logger for your application. For companies that are working on large projects and want to save time, external services can be used to collect and validate data. If you would like to discuss your project with one of our experts,

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