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Cold Chain Temperature Monitoring Solution

Environmental monitoring of the entire cold chain of temperature sensitive products (such as food, beverages and pharmaceuticals) is important to ensure that temperatures are accurately maintained at specified values and recorded for continuous inspection.

For food and beverage products, temperature monitoring during transportation and storage must comply with specific regulations, including HACCP regulations (hazard analysis and critical control points), food hygiene regulations, eu QFF regulations (frozen foods) and BS EN 12830 under 1999 standards.

In the UK, drugs may be subject to MHRA temperature controls. Who guidelines provide for temperature controls during drug storage and transportation. Within the eu, guidelines on the European drug distribution standard (GDP) are essential to maintaining the quality level of all distribution networks.

Data logger for temperature monitoring

Both the USB temperature data logger and the wireless remote temperature data logger provide an effective solution for monitoring the temperature/relative humidity in the cold chain and ensuring that conditions are recorded, analyzed and checked. The Elitech temperature data logger is accurate, flexible, easy to use, and can measure small changes in temperature.

The logger is set up and the data is displayed in Elitech data logging software, a user-friendly Windows/Mac program. The recorded data is clearly displayed in graphs and tables and can be printed, copied, pasted, or exported in PDF/Excel format.

USB temperature data logger

The USB temperature data logger records the temperature data, which is then downloaded to a PC for analysis via a USB cable. Provide affordable solutions for perishable items in transit. Small and durable, it can be recorded on roads, railways, sea and air for long periods of time. Many models have electromagnetic triggers and delayed startup options that can be started anywhere without a PC or at a preset time.

The Elitech rc-5 / rc-5+ temperature data logger is an economical and efficient temperature data logger, ideal for charging monitoring. Thanks to its thin, lightweight design, it can be easily placed on goods and packaging and complies with European regulations on the storage and transportation of frozen and refrigerated foods.

The recorded information can be downloaded to a PC using a USB cable. Simply place the USB cable on a pad that connects the temperature data logger to the PC, eliminating the need to connect the cable directly to each logger. This speeds up the configuration and switching of multiple loggers and is useful in harsh or humid environments where connection problems can be avoided. Using Elitech Software's bulk uninstall tool, you can package data from multiple loggers at the same time. If your computer has multiple USB ports or USB hubs, you can reboot at the same time, download or download multiple data loggers, or invoke the current measurements.

The Elitech gsp-6 temperature data logger also has a digital display that displays current measurements and recorded data. The IP67 water resistance of the Elitech gsp-6 temperature and humidity data logger is ideal, making it ideal for vehicles or containers that require regular hose connections or disinfection. The Elitech rc-5 + and gsp-6 temperature data loggers can provide probes when you need to monitor hard-to-reach areas, product core temperatures, and environmental conditions.

In cold chain logistics, alert messages are essential and in some cases mandatory. The Elitech temperature data logger has an alarm that is activated when conditions are beyond the user-defined range. When activated, the data logger will display flashing red led.

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