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Different Application of Temperature Data Loggers

Temperature data logger, also known as temperature monitor, is a device that can automatically record temperature for a specified period of time. Automatically collects, monitors, and stores information for later reporting. The temperature data logger is a portable measuring device. The device can record temperature data over a defined period of time. Data can be easily evaluated after recording.


Elitech provides temperature data loggers, including disposable USB temperature data loggers and reusable temperature data loggers. Elitech Single Use temperature data loggers is a small, user-friendly data logger designed to monitor and store information about the environment of transportable goods. The single use USB temperature data logger is provided in a moisture-proof package to protect the product from moisture.


1. Temperature data logger in transportation

They are connected directly to the product in the refrigerated vehicle and used to monitor the temperature of the cargo to be transported. The applications for the two data loggers are:

a. Transport of epoxies, chemicals and paints: chemicals, epoxies and paints are temperature-sensitive products. If kept outside the temperature range, these products can deteriorate and shorten their shelf life. The temperature data logger records and models the deterioration temperature.

b. Transportation of food, flowers, meat and dairy: monitoring storage conditions is critical to ensuring food safety and quality. The data logger monitors product storage to ensure delivery is efficient and quality is not compromised. It is updated regularly so that the temperature of the product can be kept at optimum quality.

c. Transport of drugs and vaccines: vaccines and drugs are important components of disease prevention. It's important to handle them properly and keep them at the right temperature. The Elitech temperature data logger is configurable, so you can take measurements at specific intervals to get the overall view.

2. Temperature data logger in cold supply chains

Data loggers are ideal for cold supply chains. As a result, health care providers often use temperature data loggers to monitor transportation.

Medical and pharmaceutical companies use temperature data loggers to monitor shipments of medicines, blood, vaccines and other products that need to be kept cool. It is important to handle the product carefully and store it at the right temperature and at the right temperature.

Data recorders ensure efficiency and reliability in medical and drug delivery, especially in the cold supply chain.

It is important that the cold chain is not interrupted from storage to transport. Therefore, the temperature data logger can guarantee the freshness and quality of products.

Elitech temperature data logger is a reliable and cost-effective solution for the refrigeration or refrigeration supply chain.

The disposable USB temperature data logger stick is housed in a moisture-proof plastic package. Protect electronic equipment from moisture until you reach your destination safely.

Therefore, the disposable temperature data logger is an ideal solution for the export and transportation of temperature-sensitive medical equipment and drugs.

Visit for more information on the one time USB temperature data recorder or reusable temperature data loggers.

For more information about Elitech's disposable USB temperature data logger, visit If you have any questions about the single use temperature data logger or reusable temperature data loggers, please feel free to contact us.

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