Elitech LMG-10 Refrigeration Digital Manifold Gauge Customer Review


Elitech LMG-10 Refrigeration Digital Manifold Gauge

Excellent build quality ideal for testing vacuum tightness and temperature and pressure

Elitech LMG-10 Refrigeration Digital Manifold Gauge-Elitech UK

This is a set of indicators for refracting action with digital display vacuum seal tester and high precision pressure temperature made with high quality materials will be robust and resistant.

The instrument arrives in a cardboard box Well sealed and protected by a sponge wrapping that will guarantee a damage-free transport thus preserving the integrity of the product, inside the package we will find the product ready for its use. simply extract the product from the package and activate it by simply pressing the on button, on the front there are 6 buttons that will allow you to set the various settings including what type of gas model is, the temperature display in centigrade turn on or turn off the brightness of the display all in a simple and intuitive way, on the back there is a hook that will allow us to hang it so as to be able to view the various measurements in a more convenient way, noteworthy and also the presence of a magnet on the back which allows you to keep the hook well anchored after its use.

The device contains 88 types of databases of refrigerant pressure and evaporation temperature, and equipped with HVACR instrument, notable and also the very resistant and robust structure that guarantees a good resistance to any impacts, the measurements are fully automatic of the overheating and real-time cooling, you can also display the high pressure and low pressure measurements as well as the temperature thanks to the very sensitive sensors.

It is also possible to do the vacuum test, in fact its manifold can calculate the vacuum degree by testing the current pressure value, obviously you need a vacuum pump.

The device works with 3 AA batteries already inserted in the instrument.

In summary I recommend this tool for measurement both in terms of the excellent build quality for the design for the comfort but also for the price at the time of the review we are talking about 139.99 I think it is adequate for the good quality of the product.

However, it will be my concern to update the review in case I encounter anomalies and defects with the passage of time.

I hope I have been helpful in choosing this product.

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