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Elitech STC-1000 Pro Thermostat for Heating and Cooling

Elitech temperature controller is especially important for all mariculturists who suffer from high temperatures in the summer.

Another option for expensive chillers in thin tanks is to use a fan with evaporative cooling. Most chillers are independently controlled by a thermostat, so Elitech's temperature controller may be appropriate for users using this method.

These include two sockets, one for the heater and one for the cooler or fan, each with a total load of 2200 W ( the maximum output load is 2200w due to the initial power consumption).

The socket is connected to a small display, representing the "brain" of the garment, through which the Dinky sensor is located in the aquarium or aquarium. The cable length is very large. Two Velcro fasteners are provided for fitting the controller in place. The basic unit can be screwed in place so that it can be installed in place.

Importantly, socket 1 is used for the cooling unit and socket 2 for the heater. You can use this thermostat when using a heater that is not thermostatically controlled. However, you can also use the heating statistics. Remember to set the thermostat slightly above the controller set point. Otherwise, the temperature controller may turn on the heater, and the heater may have other ideas.

Attach the sensor to the tank or aquarium using the attached sucker. The display lights up when the device is connected to a power supply. Connect the fan or radiator to slot 1 and the heater to slot 2. By pressing the "SET" button, you can enter a SET value from -40°C to 110°C (or the aquarium's target temperature) (adjustable at -40°C in the range of 110°C).

Hysteresis must be set. This is the range near the set value where the heater and cooler cannot be turned on. This prevents the device from opening and closing too quickly (although setting it too wide can lead to excessive temperature fluctuations in the tank).

Press the "set" button again, and you can choose to turn on the temperature of the cooler, as shown in the glowing snowflake symbol. Press the Settings button again to illuminate the sun symbol and select the trigger point for heating. If the set point is programmed to 26°C and the range on both sides is set to 1°C, the heater will be turned on when the temperature reaches 25°C. It stops when the temperature rises to 26 degrees Celsius. At 27°C, the cooler or fan will start at 26°C and then stop again.

This digital thermostat temperature controller can be heated and cooled simultaneously and has an integrated "down" time. If the heating or cooling is turned off, it takes 3 minutes to reactivate.

After a few minutes, the digital display will turn off. If the light continues, you can see the temperature of the tank at a glance.

Of course, heating and cooling won't work when the device is turned off, but at least the Settings won't be saved until the device is turned on. This is useful if there is a power failure.

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