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Elitech Temperature and Humidity Data Loggers in Environmental Research

As part of the research project, temperature and humidity were recorded to study the carbon dynamics in underground and underground natural forests in the UK.

The university of Liverpool's school of environmental sciences is conducting a research project to investigate the role of natural forests in carbon emissions and sequestration in the national budget. Elitech's temperature and humidity data logger has been in use at the wooded Wyvalley national wildlife refuge above and below ground for two years. Four recorders were used, two recording temperature/relative humidity, and two located approximately 5 cm below the floor surface.

The recorded data were compared with the root decomposition rates of the trees to determine whether changes in temperature and humidity would affect these rates. It can also be used to compare soil and temperature to understand the microclimate of a forest.

The professor commented. "We found the Elitech to be reliable, rugged and durable. Elitechlog software is easy to use, very general, can display the recorded data.  The temperature data loggers are recorded in the sea turtles as they lay eggs. It provides important data as part of a global nature conservation project.

The ecology and conservation center USES Elitechs to monitor the critical temperature of turtle nests.

The centre, based at the university of Exeter in Cornwall, is one of the UK's largest academic institutions dealing with all aspects of animal biology. A team from the department studies the biology and conservation of sea turtles and works at long-term global research bases in Cyprus and ascension island. One of the main research interests of a scientist (doctor) on the team is adapting turtles to climate change. The sex of turtle offspring depends on the temperature at which the eggs hatch, and as the planet heats up, more females can be produced. The team has been monitoring turtle clutch temperatures in Cyprus for more than 15 years to predict the sex of offspring produced. If turtles cannot adapt to rising temperatures by changing the time and place they nest, strategies must be developed to limit the damage. For example, move the clutch to a cool place to achieve gender balance.

During egg laying, the Elitech temperature recorder is placed between the eggs so that the woman can naturally cover the eggs. The recorder is compact and durable, allowing accurate temperature recording at intervals of 40 to 60 days. This is the hatching time of turtle eggs. When the hatched puppy leaves the nest and enters the sea, dig out the rest of the clutch. From there, researchers can estimate the success rate of hatching and call up and download the temperature data recorded by the recorder. With the easy to use Elitechlog software, researchers can accurately track the temperature cycle throughout the incubation process.

The team's goal is to place a unit in each nest at a long-term research site in arakidi, northern Cyprus, where 200 to 300 couplings will be placed each year. The results showed that the sex ratio of the current offspring was closely related to the female sex, and the chance of success was very low when the temperature was above 34°C. Using these data, scientists can predict how gender relations will change in different climate change scenarios in the future.

"With each species listed as endangered, understanding its biology is critical to successful conservation," a researcher said. Reliable temperature monitoring is critical, and Elitech's accuracy is high." The elite is one of the best in the market. We change the battery every two years in a salty, wet environment. Elitech has supported our research for many years and provides excellent customer service.

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