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Elitech Temperature Data Loggers in Vaccine Storage Monitoring | ElitechEU

Elitech Temperature Data Loggers in Vaccine Storage Monitoring

No one likes the summer sun and thinks about winter, but for many people, the cold can be disastrous. During these cold months, the elderly, the young and those with weakened immune systems can get free flu shots to prevent potentially life-threatening illnesses. Actively promoted by the National Health Service. UK operations usually take place at the end of the summer, when the vaccine is replenished, pending major action by the entire office. However, storing these sample bottles can also be difficult.

Like many drugs, flu vaccines should be stored in a carefully controlled temperature environment. The drug is effective if the temperature of the vaccine remains above or below these thresholds for a period of time, for example due to a refrigerator or door failure, when the temperature of the vaccine is stored between 2 and 8 degrees. Must be lost and destroyed. Vaccines are provided free of charge to patients, but they are a valuable commodity and the loss of a large fridge containing flu vaccine could cost the NHS thousands, sometimes tens of thousands, of pounds.

In fact, it was blackouts in villages that caused such losses to local governments in 2015. The village has been a rural custom in the Lake District National Park on the edge of North Fells since the ESTABLISHMENT of the NHS in 1947. Fourteen miles from Carlisle, five operating rooms support more than 4,400 patients over an area of about 100 square miles. This is done in their own buildings in the heart of the village, but blackouts are not uncommon. But the results can be expensive for companies that store temperature-controlled products such as vaccines.

In 2015, three medical refrigerators lost thousands of pounds of product because employees were unaware of a power outage over the weekend until they returned to the operating room on Monday morning. Vaccines can remain effective for 30 minutes outside the normal storage temperature range, but soon lose their potency beyond the 30-minute threshold. The problem for village leaders was not the blackout, nor how long it lasted. Without this information, the entire stock must be destroyed.

To avoid such losses in the future, he went online to see if he could find a device that could monitor the temperature of the vaccine. How long it would last if the power went out, and you knew exactly what was out there. He found Elitech RC-51H- a simple USB temperature data logger.

The temperature data logger is installed in the refrigerator and measures the temperature every 15 minutes. Its accuracy is consistent with the battery life. Displays programmed for high and low alarms at 2 and 8°C will flash LED alarms, which will flash when the refrigerator is out of range. After triggering the alarm, the clinic manager can disconnect the recorder and connect it to the computer to download all the measurements, such as the temperature that caused the alarm and the time the recorder saw it. The difference between 15 minutes and 3 hours out of range is the difference between keeping or discarding inventory.

Since the purchase of three Elitech temperature data loggers for each refrigerator, the peak has led to an increase in power outages, but this time we have not scrapped all of our inventory. In fact, recent logger data showed that very few vials could not be used at high temperatures for long periods of time, so you could only lose three items from the refrigerator containing the large vaccine. Did it. Whoever opens the refrigerator door is saved from embarrassment!

During the utility's recent planned power outages, items from the refrigerators were distributed to staff refrigerators on site. During this time, the content has been moved to the warehouse and recorded.

These temperature recorders are cheap, easy to use and can save thousands of pounds of lost medication. For all business managers wishing to save money and time on inventory monitoring for temperature control, the Elitech temperature data logger is recommended.

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