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Essential HVAC tools for Service Techs

Essential HVAC tools for Service Techs

HVAC service  Installation of new air conditioning or heating systems for residential and commercial clients necessitates a trained workforce with access to the essential HVAC tools and equipment. Some companies require HVAC technicians to bring some of their own tools to the job, while others provide the necessary equipment to complete larger-ticket items. Here are the HVAC tools for service technicians will need in 2022 to provide the best custom experience.

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Essential HVAC tools

More specialized HVAC tools can be found in this section of our HVAC tool list. They are critical to the technician's ability to perform their tasks efficiently. HVAC companies will provide these advanced tools to ensure that their customers' equipment continues to remain in good working condition.

HVAC TOOLS | Elitech

Refrigerant scale 

When field staff need to charge an air conditioning unit with refrigerant, a specialized scale is required. This keeps the temperature in and around the system stable. This device weighs refrigerant as it is added to and removed from the system's compressor. This ensures that the unit has enough to run efficiently.

Leak detector

It can be difficult to notice a leak if it is not visible, by which time it is too late. HVAC technicians use leak detectors to detect moisture in order to quickly locate the source of the leak. 

Vacuum pump

All moisture and air must be removed to charge the HVAC system with refrigerants. Carrying out the process of evacuating the pipes, you must have a high-quality vacuum pump on hand. Charging a system with leaks, on the other hand, can result in a waste of both money and refrigerant. The sucking ability of vacuum pumps allows them to detect even the smallest leaks in the pipeline.

Digital Manifold

The manifold gauge is another important piece of equipment that is frequently used in HVAC work. This device has two to four ports that control and regulate the flow of refrigerant. A manifold gauge can be used to measure the high and low pressures in the system as you charge or evacuate the refrigerant. The AC unit is connected to a port on the manifold, allowing you to adjust the unit's pressure configuration on either the high- or low-pressure sides.


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