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Future has come, Elitech launched new RCW-360 series Data Logger

Future has come, Elitech launched new RCW-360 series Data Logger

The Internet of Things has become a recognized future trend in the world. At present, it is gaining popularity in the whole society at an extremely fast speed, changing the industry and taking the industry to a new level. The fast-growing IoT devices can indeed be used in daily life.

Helping people make life easier by providing connectivity and smart services. The Internet of Things (IoT) continues to grow. It cannot be denied that we are experiencing an era of intelligent interconnection of all things.

In this trend, Elitech launched a new RCW-360 series with years of accumulated IOT technology. RCW-360 is an IoT temperature and humidity data logger work with 2G/4G/WIFI  suitable for a variety of monitoring scenarios.

It mainly implements temperature and humidity monitoring alarms, remote online real-time query, temperature and humidity data storage, etc. Built-in rechargeable lithium battery with ultra-low power consumption can still support real-time data upload and platform alarm services for a long time after power off.

It is widely used in foodstuffs, catering, logistics, and industries that require HACCP system certification. Users can view, manage and monitor data online remotely by browser or smartphone APP. With a built-in rechargeable lithium battery, it can provide real-time data uploading and platform alarming service even in case of a cold storage power outage. 

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