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How Does Infrared Refrigerant Leak Detector Work?

Infrared refrigerant leak detector is one of the most commonly used refrigerant leak detectors in HVAC industry. Most environmentally friendly people in the industry buy one of the cheapest detectors on the market and keep it in tool bags. It is usually a heated diode detector, and the sensor leaks after a major leak or if the probe is immersed in water. (yes, it did happen.) Don't get me started on what kind of homeowner or handyman I buy.

I'm a big fan of infrared refrigerant leak detectors, for one thing, quality. These types of detectors are of high quality and come with durable and reliable tools. As we age, we come to realize that buying expensive tools today is far better than replacing the original ones over and over again. But that's the problem. How do infrared detectors work? What are the advantages and disadvantages of this product? Do I need to obtain infrared light or check the heating diode or ultrasonic detector?

Working principle of infrared refrigerant leak detector

Infrared detectors are very different from their rivals in heating diodes. The heated diodes can detect any substance containing chlorine or fluorine. If they detect a leak, they can move the probe closer and closer until it reaches the correct position. Most engineers and mechanics use this feature on a daily basis.

The infrared refrigerant leak detector detects the refrigerant by scanning the area in a slow target scan mode. Therefore, do not wipe the probe in the correct position, but back and forth before the alarm sounds.

Although the infrared unit cannot be used to stop the probe, after some retraining, you can scan back and forth to pinpoint the leak. The great advantage of infrared detectors is that no matter which refrigerant they detect, they all have the same trigger conditions. This is very different from a heating diode, which reacts depending on the type of refrigerant.

Elitech preferred infrared detector

After discussing the characteristics of these infrared refrigerant leak detectors, we need to review the recommendations.

Whenever I recommend a product, I always want to use a good, better, optimal model. What you see are three different types of consumers or customers. Well, some people want the cheapest there but can still work. Still others want quality products, but they are so good that the cost is a bit shy. And you are looking for the best quality products.

The problem here is, for infrared detectors, the entry point is not low, the entry point is not medium. The price and quality of all comparable units are approximately the same. At the time of this writing, the two units I recommend are between $200 and $300. Prices are subject to change. I recommend three of the best infrared detectors on the market today, rather than the usual good, better and best methods. It's up to you.

Elitech ILD-200 Infrared HVAC Refrigerant Leak Detector & Elitech IR-200 Dual Sensor Infrared&Heated Diode 2-in-1 HVAC Refrigerant Leak Detector


In summary, this is a brief overview of the characteristics of the infrared refrigerant detector and the refrigerant control center recommended products. Thank you for reading. Please feel free to contact Elitech for further information about infrared refrigerant leak detector.

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