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How to Choose a Temperature Data Logger for Vaccine Storage and Handling? | ElitechEU

How to Choose a Temperature Data Logger for Vaccine Storage and Handling?

If the vaccine is not kept at the right temperature (usually 2-8°C), children are at risk of infection because the vaccine quickly loses its effectiveness. The vaccine temperature data logger is an inexpensive way to keep vaccines properly stored, as recommended by the VFC and CDC. Learn the basics of these time-saving devices from Elitech temperature data Loggers!


The CDC's 2016 vaccine storage and processing toolkit declares that the most reliable way to maintain a valuable supply of vaccine is to use a temperature monitoring system on all medical storage units in the facility. These systems consist of one or more data loggers that send temperature data to the network, nearby wireless gateways, or the cloud itself.

The temperature data recorder is connected to temperature sensors, such as thermocouples and resistance thermometers, to automatically record the temperature of medical refrigerators and freezers. Simply place the temperature probe into a small bottle of ethylene glycol to act as a buffer and insert the probe into a storage unit. Ideal for clinics, health departments, pharmacies and medical manufacturers.

Detecting Vaccine Temperature 

If you need a data recorder with an LCD display, you must display the following:

1. Current temperature (check at least twice every morning and afternoon)

2. Minimum/maximum temperature value

3. Battery indicator

4. Alarm display (visual + sound alarm)

5. You must contact the vaccination schedule immediately if:

6. The temperature data recorder shows temperatures other than 2-8°C

7. The recorder went into alarm mode

Exporting and Analyzing Data

Elitech temperature data loggers now give users a variety of options for retrieving temperature data. The electronic document demonstrates to regulators that the company follows good practices. Choose the most convenient building layout and network.

An easy way to do this is to buy a USB data recorder that retrieves the data quickly. Simply remove the memory stick from the USB port of the recorder, connect it to your PC and download the data.

Ethernet and LAN data loggers are common as inexpensive ways to monitor small groups of storage units. These loggers are connected to the POE (powered over Ethernet) and monitor the current state over a wired or wireless LAN.

If your device has a wireless network, a wireless temperature monitoring system is ideal for monitoring distributed storage devices. For example, you can monitor multiple refrigerators in different rooms on the same floor. These recorders automatically send data to the PC for later display over the network. Wireless systems typically consist of one or more loggers that send data to the wireless gateway, but only one must purchase another logger. The wireless system supports a variety of wireless standards, such as Wifi, Bluetooth, etc.

The cloud system is a wireless data logger that automatically provides all temperature data online on a cloud storage server. From there, several candidates can view it from an internet-enabled location. With an online monitoring plan, you can view temperature data from any number of medical storage units in real time, and anyone can immediately look up if the value falls outside the safe temperature range.

Regardless of the system used, vaccine temperature data must be downloaded at least once a week.

Adjustable Temperature Alarming System

The data logger supports multiple alert functions for local and remote notifications.

In addition, manufacturers of models that use remote server systems with redundant power must be considered. If the facility's power supply or Internet service fails, this will trigger an immediate alarm.

SMS text messaging: data loggers designed for healthcare typically include this common feature that sends alerts directly to the user's mobile device.

Warning messages: similar to SMS messages, users of smartphones and tablets can see warning messages immediately. This feature is especially useful for technicians and facility administrators who may be out of the office at any given time.

Page/voice messages: on advanced systems, you can also make sequential calls using the recipient's custom call logs for immediate alerts.

Temperature Data Logger Specialist

Elitech temperature data loggers use temperature monitoring applications every day to provide solutions for healthcare, food processing, science, manufacturing, and many other industries. Elitech has been consisting in manufacturing temperature data loggers over 20 years. Our temperature data loggers are you safe choice!

We help you choose the best temperature data loggers for your application. We also recommend the use of sensors and probes for data loggers. Our value-added services include on-site installation, engineering and construction services as well as complete turnkey systems.

Please contact us for more information on vaccine temperature data loggers or to find the best solution for your specific application needs.

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