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Protect Your Kids from Air Pollution at Schools | Temtop

Protect Your Kids from Air Pollution at Schools | Temtop

Temtop Air Quality Monitor

One Thing You Need To Know: Why air quality monitoring is important in schools?

Many people are aware that their health can be impacted through outdoor air pollution, whereas health effects related to indoor air quality are often overlooked. According to UNICEF and WHO cite research results, young lungs are particularly susceptible to air pollution. Children’s bodies are still developing, overexposure to pollutants in childhood can lead to permanent respiratory health issues, such as asthma and lung cancer. Therefore, good indoor air quality is an integral component of a safe indoor environment and can help schools achieve their primary objective of educating children, ensuring all children, staff and teachers have an atmosphere that keeps them safe and healthy.

Do you know how carbon dioxide(CO2) affects your kids’ health when they are in the classroom?

When children stay in the classroom for a whole afternoon, they are probably experiencing a pounding headache, concentration problems, sneezing, dizziness, or nausea. It’s because the CO2 concentration is way over the limit(1000 ppm) especially when the room is poorly ventilated and a lot of people inside. If you have little information about the CO2 concentration levels and related potential health problems, please look at the diagram below.


What are the solutions?

Firstly, it’s necessary to know how the IAQ is before any actions. A qualified and accurate air quality monitor is a great tool to visualize those invisible air pollutants.Temtop air quality monitors can measure not only carbon dioxide, but also PM2.5, PM10, formaldehyde, TVOC, temperature and humidity, giving you comprehensive information about air quality in real-time.
In a case, a parent found the CO2 concentration was over the limit, and sent the report to the local government authority, and they found that the school’s ventilation and air conditioning systems were not working properly. After the system issues were fixed, the CO2 measurements dropped down. So air quality monitors can help identify the problems and find the solutions to improve air quality.
The worse the ventilation, the more air pollutant builds up in an occupied room. Opening windows, getting a ventilation system, organizing more outdoor activities, or having lunch outside, these tips are all helpful solutions to protect your kids from unhealthy environments and keep them safe.

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