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Temperature Data Logger for Cold Chain Inspection of Logistics Company

Since 2008, the temperature data logger has been available as a temperature monitoring solution for international freight forwarders. Customers of logistics companies have tried to provide additional protection for temperature-sensitive products, such as vaccines and pharmaceuticals. Logistics requires hardware solutions for cold chain validation because industry standard procedures cannot warn customers in advance.

Temperature data loggers are a unique new service on the market. This cold chain validation and temperature tracking service USES RFID technology to alert customers when life sciences and health products exceed safety limits. Logistics companies provide logistics services to customers using B2B drugs, who use temperature-sensitive products and need to pay for tracking. This service saves resources and time and enables companies to focus on their core business.

Logistics companies use temperature data loggers to continuously monitor the temperature of customers' goods and provide information online anytime, anywhere. Temperature data loggers that have been validated for pharmaceutical applications also comply with regulations such as US 21 CFR Part 11, EU GMP Annex 11 and EU GDP. The memory of the data logger is in a write-protected state in memory, so it cannot be changed and can only be deleted. This feature is a form of data security and is a major benefit of compliance with laws and regulations.

Multi-Use  Temperature Data Logger

The logistics common temperature data logger used by Express Services is based on a disposable temperature data logger in which the temperature sensor is battery-powered and technology is used to access and collect temperature data. The data logger is equipped with an integrated temperature sensor that monitors the temperature inside or outside of the supplied package. When used with Express Service, the disposable temperature data logger is discarded, while the unchanging multi-function temperature data logger can be used for multiple journeys in other applications.

The Elitech data recorders for air, land and sea use multiuse temperature data loggers. These GPS temperature data loggers have lower deployment costs and greater area than passive temperature recorders with BAP (battery assisted power), so you can read the temperature without having to move to the packaging. Multiple temperature data loggers can read data remotely at the same time.

To facilitate deployment, the Elitech product is a plug and play solution that does not affect your existing IT infrastructure.

The universal temperature data logger is compact, lightweight and can be installed on the outside of the package. It can also be placed in a wrapper if desired. With Bluetooth, you can collect data from the outside of the package without damaging the product without opening the box.

Continuous Temperature Monitoring System

With Elitech's products, the company's certified temperature stations can set up strategic control points. At this checkpoint, you can change, store, and change the state of the mode of transport of goods (for example, the road to the aircraft). The wireless system checks and reports the temperature of the cargo at each checkpoint in the supply chain along the route. Therefore, if there are problems, logistics company staff will be notified in advance. This step allows the logistics company to stop shipping and start a replacement with minimal impact on the customer.

When you ship using the logistics company's wireless temperature monitoring service, you will receive a tracking number as usual, along with a complete temperature history of the package. Logistics companies automatically publish data on online Web portals so that customers can track product temperatures 24 hours a day, seven days a week, after the product leaves the factory. In case of temperature fluctuation, the logistics company sends corresponding temperature data to the main station. The host can take precautions before further damage to the product.

Temperature Data Logger's Data Collection

The Elitechlog is available in your application and has many features to help you with various deployments. By using software and phone applications to collect temperature data from data loggers, users can easily install software and applications on computers and mobile phones.

Advantages of Temperature Data Logger

Since logistics companies introduced disposable temperature data loggers into their logistics infrastructure, B2B customers have shown regulators and their customers that drugs remain within a safe temperature range during travel. . The multi-use temperature data logger also provides an opportunity for logistics companies to proactively address issues during transportation up to the packaging level. If the product is too hot, the logistics company can take proactive action to improve the situation before the product is lost or further damaged. This improves customer satisfaction and increases evidence of logistics company best practices.

Most customers only need a simple way to read and access temperature data. However, the logistics company demonstrated how the temperature data logger can also be applied to the maximum operational process to demonstrate best practices. Although there are many new applications for temperature data loggers, they are particularly useful in logistics for tracking and verifying many types of cold chains.

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