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Temperature Data Logger in Food Industry

Accurate process data is important for food safety and quality and compliance with legal requirements. But data alone is not enough. You also need a system to monitor the data, especially to alert you if something goes wrong. For more information on the role of data recorders in reviewing cooking processes and ensuring food safety and quality, we spoke to Elitech UK technical sales staff.

Elitech has been making temperature data loggers for more than 20 years, making devices that measure and record everything from temperature and humidity to pressure and pH. Elitech currently sells products in more than 100 countries.

Quality and Compliance of the Entire Cold Chain

A data logger is an electronic device that records and stores time-stamped environmental information. Food processors use these devices to read, monitor and record temperatures and humidity during cooking and cooling.

This information is important to ensure product quality. For example, many meat processors use data recorders to distribute ovens to evenly cook products on conveyor belts.

It also helps implement the HACCP program and prepare for food safety inspections. "Data loggers and monitoring systems have become synonymous with HACCP compliance and process verification," said an Elitech sales representative. These devices read and record temperature and humidity and provide as much data and documentation as needed."

But instead of starting with cooking, the data chain ends with cold. To avoid security issues, you need to maintain the required temperature throughout the cold chain, from receiving to processing to packaging and shipping.

"Our products are versatile," said an Elitech technical sales representative. "We make products for storage. Our products can measure and record the temperature during transportation. We make products that can withstand extreme temperatures and can be used in cooking and freezing processes. Make sure there are no vulnerabilities in the cold chain process."

Wireless Technology Real-Time Reporting

To avoid callbacks, the processor must know as soon as possible if something is wrong. Wireless solutions provide real-time monitoring to speed up response times.

The Elitech wireless system USES a transceiver to collect and forward information from multiple data recorders. The transceiver is connected to a central PC so that factory employees can monitor data collected with Elitech software. "A big part of our solution is that we can provide all the data to our customers in the process," said an Elitech technology sales representative.

For example, Elitech's most popular product in the food industry is the rc-5 wireless temperature data logger. "There are a lot of products, but the rc-5 is a product that we talk to our customers every day. It works with our software in real time, "added the Elitech technical sales representative. The computer. "If the temperature is too high or too low, you can also create a sign that notifies you by text or email.

Elitech has released a new version of the rc-5. This includes casing upgrades and improved radio signal stability.

Hot? Is It Cold? Underwater? No Problem

Elitech Rc-5 can withstand temperatures from -4°F to 212°F. However, this scope is not sufficient for all processing applications. Therefore, Elitech has developed a stainless steel temperature data logger that can be used at temperatures ranging from -40°F to 284°F. Therefore, they are suitable not only for cooking and cooling, but also for monitoring high-temperature sanitation processes.

The temperature data logger is also suitable for furnace distribution, especially for large furnaces. According to Elitech's technical sales representative, "the processor places the recorder on the right, middle, and left, and then passes the recorder through the oven to ensure a constant temperature in all directions."

Next up is a small temperature data logger, measuring just 2.6 x 0.7 inches. "We have a lot of beverage companies that have to be equipped with micro temperature data loggers," said an Elitech technology sales representative. "This is an underwater data recorder that can be easily placed in a beverage bottle to read and record the temperature during the pasteurization process."

Elitech technical sales staff find it valuable to connect with current customers and establish new customer channels.

For more information about the Elitech temperature data logger, visit There, you'll find the new version of the wireless temperature data logger.

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