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Temperature Data Logger's Application in Laboratory

Elitech temperature data loggers provides "laboratory temperature monitors" and warning solutions for medical laboratories that need to monitor the temperature of products and samples in multiple medical storage units and the surrounding laboratory environment. Compared to expensive recorders, technicians need economical and efficient multi-channel temperature monitoring, portability and connectivity.

Installation of Temperature Data Loggers

Elitech temperature data loggers have been provided to the laboratory as an easy-to-use solution. These independent recorders have eight channels for precise monitoring of medical refrigerators, freezers, incubators, etc. Each Elitech temperature data logger also records the temperature of its surroundings.

Usage of Temperature Data Loggers

The Elitech temperature data logger measures the ambient temperature of the channel and records the temperature of up to seven external input channels that can be connected to all types of "thermocouple" probes.

The temperature data logger also has a channel for measuring ambient temperature and seven external channels for recording temperature sensor data. By using temperature sensors, the laboratory can provide accurate and reliable incubator measurements and warnings.

These battery-powered stand-alone recorders are inexpensive compared to external probes and meet the laboratory's high resolution requirements. To improve logging performance, all Elitech products have solid, drip-proof aluminum enclosures and internal electronics protected from moisture. Because of its small size and light weight, the data recorder can be installed anywhere in the system without the need for a long sensor cable. To scale, users can use multiple data loggers to provide a truly comprehensive solution for monitoring lab temperatures and recording multiple channels.

Report of Temperature Data Loggers

The Elitech temperature recorder is accessible via USB, modem or Ethernet connection and is easily accessible locally and remotely. Technicians can easily power the data recorder and connect to the PC via USB. The logger stores the data in non-volatile flash for easy retrieval. Users can preprogram the data logger and start recording if necessary. There are two configurable alert thresholds. In addition, alerts can be configured as alarm outputs so that users can see sudden changes in parameters. When an alert occurs, the LED lights up in red, and the temperature of the data recorder reports the alert status to the host PC via USB, modem or Ethernet. Alert delays can be programmed in 1-minute increments, with delays ranging from 0 to 10 minutes.

Software of Temperature Data Loggers

Windows-based Elitech software can be configured, downloaded, drawn, analyzed and alarm logger. With these capabilities, employees can visualize and display data at will. The user can configure Elitech to record sampling intervals of 20 milliseconds to 12 hours through the simple graphical interface of the Elitech software. For high-speed downloads, the software supports high-speed communication speeds of up to 115200 BPS and can easily read data from multiple files to get a complete picture. General custom equations and custom line equations satisfy all complex measurement requirements, including proprietary laboratory algorithms.

Users can view all the alert triggers, zoom in on important data, add comments, flag graph features, view dynamic statistics, and provide a detailed view of the results. Users can set low and high programmable alarm thresholds on the alarm output and turn on and off external alarm devices, such as warning lights, speakers, alarm phone dialers, etc. Can be reminded

Benefits of Temperature Data Loggers

The Elitech temperature data logger ensures that users at the lab cannot quickly view the data. The laboratory currently has its own distributed laboratory temperature monitoring system, which USES data loggers to easily monitor, alarm and record all refrigerators and temperature-sensitive environments within the standard laboratory temperature range. Show how to record

The Elitech temperature data logger is ideal for monitoring and alerting from medical storage units to incubators. It is much cheaper than other recorders and does not require maintenance or replacement of pen and paper. List prices for storage, accuracy and software features are unique.

For more information about the Elitech temperature data logger, monitoring lab temperatures or finding the best solution for your specific application needs, contact Elitech.

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