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The Features of Temtop Air Quality Monitor

Temtop air quality monitor is used to identify contaminants, particles and air pollution inside and outside the home. Monitors measure airborne particles containing mold spores, fungal spores, pollen, dust, ash, soot, diesel emissions, organic and chemical substances.

Particulate pollution, also known as particulate matter or PM, consists of mold and fungal spores, ash, metal, soot, organic matter, pollen, diesel exhaust, and solid and liquid particles and chemicals suspended in the air. Particles are divided into two main groups according to their size.

These micro-spores and particles are the most harmful to health. The smaller the particles, the longer they stay in the air, and the easier it is for them to penetrate.

The effects of particulates to health

Particles below PM10, PM2.5 and PM1 are increasingly harmful to health.

Particles below PM10 affect the upper respiratory tract

Particles lower than PM2.5 are inhaled deeper into the body and lungs.

Particles below PM1 can also enter organs and blood.

Mold/fungal spores are usually 3 to 100 microns in size. However, some can be as small as 1 micron.

Mold spores and other particles smaller than 10 microns (pm10) are usually invisible to the naked eye.

Children and the elderly are particularly vulnerable to dust particles.

The IARC and WHO have identified particulate matter in the air as a category I carcinogen.

An estimated 40,000 premature deaths a year in the UK are linked to breathing air pollution.

Temtop air quality monitor identifies

Particles less than PM10 in cubic meters of air.

The particle content below PM2.5, measured in cubic meters of air.

The amount of PM1 particles in cubic meters of air.

Ribbons, text expressions and emoticons on the screen can cause danger levels.

Green stripes, text and emoticons indicate small particles in the air.

Orange ribbons, text and emoticons indicate the moderate amount of particles in the air.

Red bands, warning text and emoticons indicate large/very large amounts of particles in the air.

When the set level is exceeded, the alarm goes off.

Global or real-time measurements.

Appropriate risk assessment and personal protective equipment are required.

Levels of HCHO (formaldehyde) and TVOC (total volatile organic compounds).

Children and the elderly are particularly vulnerable to dust particles. That's because very young children can affect lung development, and older adults have a higher respiratory risk.

Certain problems can irritate the nose and throat and can lead to more severe symptoms in people with asthma. The result was an increase in hospitalizations for patients with lung disease (asthma, bronchitis) and heart disease (heart attack, stroke). It can also cause premature death from lung and heart disease.

Temtop air quality monitor features

Early warnings of poor air quality can be remedied and serious health problems prevented.

Easy to use.


Real-time monitoring.

Read in seconds.


Measure the total content of particles, including dust, dirt, mold, pollen, nitrate, bacteria, etc.

Temtop air quality monitor is ideal for environmental testing in homes, offices, cars, indoors and outdoors. Air quality monitors can measure all the different pollutants in the atmosphere, but not all models can measure the same material. Fine dust often floats in the air and can cause allergic reactions and other breathing problems. PM refers to particles between 2.5 and 10 microns in diameter, called PM10. Objects smaller than 2.5 microns are called PM2.5. Not all air filters remove PM2.5 particles. Even with a filter system, there may be things in the home. It is an ideal tool for monitoring air quality and protecting home health. High precision electrochemical sensors can accurately measure air quality. The built-in high-capacity lithium battery can last for more than 12 hours to measure air quality.

Please contact for details, prices and delivery times.

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