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The International Day of The Ozone Layer Protection | ElitechEU

The International Day of The Ozone Layer Protection

The International Day of The Ozone Layer Protection - For a green earth, we are in action!


Everything grows by the sun. All life on the earth should be thankful to the sun, but in addition to the sun, life should also thank another protector: the earth’s ozone layer.

The ozone layer is like the coat of the earth and is known as a protective umbrella for the reproduction of life. Scientific research shows that for every 1% decrease in ozone in the atmosphere, the ultraviolet rays irradiated to the ground increase by 2%, and the probability of human skin cancer increases by 3%. In fact, the threat of the ozone hole is far more than that.

Today is "The International Day of The Ozone Layer Protection", What can we do to protect the ozone layer? For example, appliances that use the "CFC-free" logo, such as CFC-free refrigerators; rationally dispose of used refrigerators and air conditioners, and remove CFCs and HCFC refrigerants.

These are all actions taken to protect the environment. As an enterprise in the cold chain IoT industry, Elitech is also working hard to protect ozone and guard the earth.

The origin of the ozone layer protection day

The ozone layer refers to the atmospheric stratosphere that is relatively rich in ozone at a distance of 25-30 kilometers from the earth. 90% of the total amount of ozone on the earth is located in the ozone layer, which can absorb more than 99% of ultraviolet rays harmful to humans, and protect life on the earth from ultraviolet rays.

It is scientifically discovered that ozone holes are caused by ozone-depleting gases used in refrigerants (refrigerators, air conditioners, etc.). The ozone hole will increase the amount of ultraviolet rays and increase the harm to the human body. It will also cause the reduction of crop production and the destruction of aquatic ecosystems (such as the marine food chain).

To protect the ozone layer is to protect the blue sky and protect life on the earth. In 1995, the United Nations General Assembly decided that September 16 of each year would be the International Day for the Protection of the Ozone Layer, requiring all parties to take specific actions to commemorate this day in accordance with the Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer.

Protect the ozone layer, Elitech is in action

In the life, some man-made sabotage factors still inevitably appear. For example, some used refrigeration equipment is improperly recycled, causing the Freon in the refrigerant to escape; or when repairing the old refrigeration equipment, the engineer does not use professional equipment to detect the leakage of Freon.

Aiming at the latter, the intelligent maintenance equipment of the Elitech AI HVAC Tools department can effectively detect the charging, recycling, utilization and leakage of refrigerants, not only can accurately find out where the leak is, but also detect the amount of leakage. This allows the refrigeration equipment commissioning engineer to easily solve the problem, and at the same time contribute to the the earth's environmental protection.

Facing the refrigeration equipment market segment, Elitech is an active practitioner of reducing carbon footprint. A variety of products of Elitech smart instrument tools, such as leak detectors, vacuum pumps, manifold gauge, etc., can be connected to the Internet, with higher accuracy, greater stability, and better use experience. Among them, the detection equipment for carbon dioxide refrigerant - carbon dioxide leak detector, has broad application prospects.

Pxplore natural refrigerants, Promote green solutions

Since Freon, a traditional synthetic refrigerant, will cause great damage to the ozone layer, people have begun to turn their attention to natural components that are harmless to the earth's ecosystem, and carbon dioxide refrigerant is one of the "potential stocks."

Carbon dioxide refrigerant has the characteristics of being safe, non-toxic, harmless to the ecosystem, and high in refrigeration efficiency. In the future, the development prospects of carbon dioxide refrigerants will be broader, and the corresponding refrigeration technology and testing equipment are also continuously upgraded. Elitech has always incorporated environmental protection into the company's strategic positioning. In the process of innovative products, related products matching with carbon dioxide refrigerants have also emerged.



It has always been the social responsibility of Elitech to provide users with more advanced energy-saving solutions and make contributions to environmental protection, energy conservation and emission reduction. Look forward to Elitech's efforts to bring more surprises to the development of the cold chain IoT industry, especially in energy conservation and environmental protection!

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