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VINE VOICE of Elitech LD-100+ Refrigerant Leak Detector | ElitechEU

VINE VOICE of Elitech LD-100+ Refrigerant Leak Detector

VINE VOICE from Elitech Amazon Store
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Elitech LD-100+ Refrigerant Leak Detector Rate

Name: Fire-Blade
IT Technician | UK

I picked up this Elitech LD100+ refrigerant leak detector to help track down a leak in my sisters AC system on her car. The detector is smallish handheld device which feels pretty comfortable in the hand and the plastic body does have a good solid feel to it.

On the front of the detector is a simple LED screen which shows you a leakage value of any refrigerant that has been detected (the higher the number the larger the leak), as well as the battery level, the sensitivity level, whether the auto reset function is switched on and whether the sound is muted or not.

Below the screen are 4 buttons – on/off, a reset button which can be used to manually reset the sensor or held down for a couple of seconds to turn off the auto reset function, a sensitivity button which cycles through the 3 settings (high, medium and low) and finally a mute button to turn off the sounder.

A rigid but bendable tube exits the top of the device which can be bend into various positions to enable you to reach different places and one the end is where the replaceable heated diode sensor is located.

On the rear is the battery compartment where 3 x AA batteries are fitted (these are included, but you need to remove the plastic tab).

***** In The Box *****

1 x Elitech LD-100+
1 x User Guide
1 x Performance Certificate
3 x AA Batteries

***** Installation / Usage *****

Using the detector is pretty straightforward and self-explanatory. After removing the plastic tab in the battery compartment, switch it on by holding the on/off button. The display will light up and will begin warming the sensor. After around 30 seconds, the display will show 0 on the screen and will begin beeping.

Now move the sensor around any parts that contain a refrigerant gas and if anything is detected, the number on the display will change (according to the amount of gas detected) and the audible alarm will change.

You can then reduce the sensitivity of the sensor to more accurately locate any leak.

Elitech LD-100+ Refrigerant Leak Detector Rate

***** Conclusion *****

This is a handy tool should you have the need for it, but it is another of those tools that the average person will very rarely use. I was able to locate a very small hole in an AC pipe on my sisters car, so it did actually do what it is supposed to. I was also able to check my refrigerator which I suspected may be going bad, but it didn’t detect anything wrong, so maybe just needs turning up due to the current heat wave.

Overall I quite like the tool and despite being very basic, it does work.

My only slight disappointment is that the detector comes with no protective. The rigid hose makes it a little awkward to store and I am a little concerned about damaging the diode that is fitted on the end.

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