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What are the top benefits of the new high efficiency HVAC system?

What are the top benefits of the new high efficiency HVAC system?

High efficiency can mean lots of things, but in general high efficiency means lower energy consumption while maintaining a comfortable interior climate. The trade off equates to lower gas and electric bills in exchange for higher upfront installed system cost.

In general, higher end equipment associated with highest efficiency HVAC systems generally offer added operating conveniences and benefits too, such as smart home integration, programmable zoning, quieter operation, and more.

All of this comes at a price and these digital systems aren’t as robust at handling power brown-outs and power surges. A lack of available electronic parts can sometimes take longer to acquire. The added complexity requires that Technicians get added training and diagnostic equipment.

Do your homework. Make sure there is a pool of certified technicians that install and service the type of HVAC systems and brands you are considering. Verify that local supply houses stock replacement motors, and control boards for the units you are considering. The consideration isn’t whether it’ll be fixed, the issue is how long you’ll be down waiting on parts.

Remember it’s a system. Only as effective as the weakest link. For most traditional residential central A/C installations in the US that weak link is the airflow components i.e., ducting. The lack of ducting altogether is precisely why much of the world uses VRF inverter systems with SEER as high as 26 for 12,000 btu (1-ton) units, dominated by Fujitsu, Mitsubishi, and LG...

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