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Why Do You Need Aquarium Temperature Controller? | ElitechEU

Why Do You Need Aquarium Temperature Controller?

Imagine waking up one morning to find all the fish swimming upside down in an aquarium.

You feel the water just noticing that it is boiling. I cooked the fish!

This is more common than you might think. If the heater is turned on longer than necessary, the fish may overheat.

This is where the aquarium temperature controller comes into play.

This vital device could save the lives of fish. Today, I will introduce to you.

What is an aquarium temperature controller?

As the name implies, you can set the exact aquarium temperature through aquarium heating control. Much more accurate than an aquarium heater.

Think of the temperature controller as the external thermostat of the aquarium.

There are two kinds of aquarium temperature controllers.

1. Pre-wired temperature controller - provided as a whole. Just plug in the heater and you're done. No more effort!

2. DIY temperature controller - as the name suggests, buy parts individually and create your own temperature controller. If you want to create your own knowledge, we recommend that you learn about electricity.

The exact style of aquarium temperature controller varies from brand to brand, but usually consists of three different parts.

1. The controller

The controller consists of a digital LCD screen and buttons that set the desired temperature.

This is the brain of the device. The controller monitors the water in the aquarium to make sure it is always at the right temperature.

2. The Socked

Obviously the plug for the water heater goes through here.

Some temperature controllers have two separate outputs, one for heating and one for coolers.

The two thermostats heat the water when it gets too cold and cool it when it gets too hot.

3. Temperature sensor probe

The waterproof probe is installed in the aquarium to measure the water temperature.

If you have a brine tank, you need a corrosion resistant probe.

How does the temperature controller work?

Without getting bored with the technical details, the function of the temperature controller is actually quite simple.

Step 1. Set the temperature

Set the required temperature with the controller. In this case, I set it to 79 degrees Fahrenheit. This is because angelfish prefer it.

Step 2: the controller reads the temperature

With the help of sensors in the tank, the temperature controller reads the temperature and compares it to the set temperature.

Step 3: the controller performs the action

If the temperature is lower than the set temperature, the controller will power the socket and turn on the heater.

Once the temperature is reached, turn off the heater until the temperature drops again.

Why do you need aquarium temperature controller?

The aquarium heaters used probably already have thermostats. When it reaches a certain temperature, it will automatically shut down.

So why do you need a temperature controller in an aquarium?

Well, it turns out there are two good reasons...

1. Heating failure

Actually, the heater is out of order.

The heater may fail due to improper manufacturing, incorrect installation, user error, power failure or a variety of other reasons.

Yes, the aquarium heater is unlikely to break down.

But if it fails, the tank could overheat and bid farewell to tropical fish, plants and corals.

In fact, frequent visits to the aquarium forum post countless stories about lovers returning to fish soup.

Aquarium temperature controllers can avoid such costly accidents.

When the water reaches the set temperature, the controller will turn off the heating and heating.

If your aquarium heater also has a thermostat, the temperature controller is an additional level of safety.

2. High quality thermostat and sensor

You need to give it to the modern aquarium heater. You can squeeze thermostats, temperature sensors and heating elements into smaller products that take up less space in the tank.

The downside, however, is that these components are not very precise. If reproduction requires a narrow temperature range, or if fish are very sensitive, a more accurate method of measuring water temperature is needed.

Then a temperature controller appears and measures the water temperature accurately.

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