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Why You Need a Wireless Temperature Data Logger in Your Warehouse?

Temperature is very important. Owners of large storage facilities know that temperature monitoring in the warehouse is critical. Optimum climatic conditions are not only important for storing and transporting fresh food. Fresh food also needs the right temperature to maintain its shelf life. Your inventory should be protected from many climate changes throughout the year. Regardless of how long you keep inventory, consider the temperature in the warehouse. Accurate air-conditioning can maintain assets and profitability.

But inventories are not the only risk. Other issues to consider include employee health and morale, as well as productivity. Do you need to handle warehouse temperature better? Then read more about how to keep the storage temperature at a minimum.

Walk a Tightrope between Temperature and Humidity

Humidity is another factor, so temperature is only one side of the coin. The warehouse must maintain a thin line between the ideal temperature and the corresponding air humidity. Managing these two environmental conditions is critical to maintaining inventory.

What's the relationship between temperature and humidity? As the external temperature increases, the air humidity increases, and vice versa. Too much humidity will seriously damage the goods stored in the warehouse. Excessive humidity can cause mold and mold problems and lead to dust mites.

Temperature Levels and Productivity

We talked a lot about inventory. But we must also consider your valuable employees. In many countries/regions, there are labor laws regulating the working conditions of workers. This includes the minimum temperature in the personnel room. The base temperature required also depends on the level of activity.

But from the point of view of labor law alone, keeping the right temperature is not important. Incorrect climatic conditions can also affect productivity. Low temperatures usually reduce productivity, especially in winter. In addition, employees are at risk of getting sick. That means more sick days and less production. Even on a hot day in a room, staff members can be hampered in their work. Morale also drops if workers believe that entrepreneurs are not concerned about their needs. Therefore, effective air conditioning is a good idea for everyone involved.

Keep It at The Right Temperature

Of course, the temperature in the warehouse must be right. This is important for inventory, personnel, operational efficiency and cost savings. But it's a small question, so it's easy to say. I don't want to be too hot or too cold. You want the temperature just right!

In a large room, it may be difficult to keep the temperature constant in all areas. This task requires an integrated wireless system that reads the current temperature and responds with appropriate heating and cooling values. We understand this need and provide you with innovative solutions!

Warehouse Temperature Monitoring

Industrial wireless sensors can measure and manage a variety of environmental conditions, such as temperature, humidity and pressure. You can also use real-time information from sensors to better understand how different regions of the universe work. This data is collected over time and can be used as a guide for making decisions about warehouse operations.

These systems also have built-in data analysis tools. Combined with cloud technology, you can access warehouse data anytime, anywhere, on any device. You can also monitor multiple repositories simultaneously. Implementing a wireless monitoring system also means saving your own company time and money.

Wireless Temperature Data Logger

Elitech provides wireless temperature data loggers for warehouses and other fields. The system has industrial basic and professional versions of wireless smart sensors. Each sensor monitors and manages internal and external temperature, humidity, vibration, and ambient light. The ProSensor also has a clear LCD screen that displays the measurements for each device. However, you do not have to check each sensor to get a reading. The Elitech IoT interface USES wi-fi to synchronize any remote thermometer sensor. Therefore, you don't need a separate, expensive hub to access the data. It is entirely up to you to decide what information to access and when.

This wireless temperature data logger generates an endless number of events, regardless of what might happen in the warehouse. These interactive responses are automatically activated and do not require manual adjustment.

Elitech Data Logger Software

Are you concerned about the security of your data? There is no need. The virtual guard monitors the sensors in the warehouse and generates warnings. However, you can choose when and how to receive notifications (in-app, email, or SMS notifications). If your Internet connection is broken, the sensor records offline so you don't lose a step.

You can also share data and alerts with team members. You can customize who can see what data. You can also monitor how each employee USES the information gathered by the wireless temperature monitoring system. Therefore, you can easily take advantage of the fully controlled climate in your warehouse!

A temperature solution that meets your storage needs

Daily operations, personnel and inventory are key factors for warehouse success. Regardless of size or requirements, the Elitech smart sensor is well suited to your facility. Get the best product of its kind that meets your storage temperature monitoring needs. This way you can forget about extreme heat and cold. Choose the right temperature for you and your warehouse!

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