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Elitech ECB-LS230 Three-phase Split Iron Electric Control Panel With Refrigeration, Defrost, Fan Output, With Temperature and Evaporator Defrost Sensor, 380VAC WiFi Network, RS-485 & Bluetooth
Elitech ECB-LS230 electric control panel is a split iron shell electric control box with a three-phase power supply, has WiFi (2.4GHz) network function, 485 interface and Bluetooth communication mode. There are multiple options for compressor and defrost output, defrost output,...
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Elitech LS200 WiFi Single-phase Split Plastic Electric Control Panel With Refrigeration 3HP, Defrost, Fan, Light and Alarm Output 100-256VAC WiFi Network, With Temperature and Defrost Probe Sensor, and Three-way Digital Inputs, RS-485 & Bluetooth
Elitech LS200 electric control panel is a split plastic shell electric control box with WiFi (2.4GHz) network function and 485 interface and Bluetooth communication mode. It is suitable for temperature control with refrigeration, defrost, fan, light and alarm output. The compressor relay...
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