Elitech STC-1000Pro Temperature Controller Thermostat Automatic Switch Cooling and Heating, Prewired - Just Plug and Play, Wall-mounted

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Elitech STC-1000Pro Thermostat Stable Performance-Elitech UK

Elitech STC-1000Pro temperature controller thermostat can automatically change over between cooling and heating. It features pre-wired cooling and heating output sockets that can achieve “just plug and play “. Compared to the traditional thermostat that requires wiring, it is more convenient and safer to use, and it can be operated by people without any electrical foundation. It controls the temperature according to the temperature set value and the return difference.

Elitech STC-1000Pro Thermostat Function-Elitech UK

With temperature measurement, temperature display, temperature control, temperature calibration, sensor fault alarm, over-temperature range alarm, compressor protection delay functions. It also has the function of Fahrenheit and Celsius conversion.

One-way sensor input: temperature probe sensor;
Two-way control outputs: heating output socket (10A), cooling output socket (10A).

Elitech STC-1000Pro Application-Elitech UK

Elitech STC-1000Pro temperature controller thermostat with UK/EU/US version can be widely used in areas that need automatic temperature controls such as snake rack, homebrew, pet breeding, seeding heat mat, aquarium, seafood machine, aquaculture, hatchery/incubator farming, greenhouse planting, brew, ferment, fridge, freezer, slow cooker, etc.


Power supply 100-250VAC, 50/60HZ
Total power consumption 5W
Temperature measuring range -45 - 115℃/-49 - 239℉
Temperature control range 40-110℃/-40~230℉
Temperature resolution 0.1℃/1℉
Temperature accuracy ±1℃/±2℉
Operating ambient temperature -10℃~ˇ65℃
Storage temperature -20℃~75℃
Relay contact capacity 10A /100~250V AC
Sensor type NTC Temperature Sensor(10KQ/ 25°C, B value=3435K)
Working mode Heating or Cooling
Cable length(Sensor) 2m
Cable length(Power plug) 1.5m
Cable length(Heating/Cooling Outlet) 0.3m
Dimensions 265mmx167.5mm
Best LCD screen viewpoint 6 o'clock position


Elitech STC-1000Pro Thermostat Plug and Play Design-Elitech UK
Elitech STC-1000Pro Thermostat Highest Fire Rating-Elitech UK
Elitech STC-1000Pro Thermostat Daul Relay Output-Elitech UK
Plug and Play, Easy to Use* 
Simple 3-key and pre-wiring design, just plug and play
Safe and Reliable*
Comply with CE and FCC standards, use PC+ABS flame-retardant shell, UL94 V-0 safety level (The highest level for fireproof)
Dual Relay Output*
The two pre-wired heating and cooling output sockets allow you to control one single heating device, or one single cooling device, or both simultaneously.
Elitech STC-1000Pro Thermostat Multifunction-Elitech UK
Elitech STC-1000Pro Thermostat Wide Temperature Range-Elitech UK
Elitech STC-1000Pro Thermostat 2.5'' Large Display-Elitech UK
Multiple Functions*
Setting high or low alarm clock, startup delay, temperature calibration, ℃ / ℉, etc.
Wide Temperature Range, More Widely Use*
The temperature control range is 40-110℃/-40~230℉. Start cooling or heating according to the set parameters to help maintain the required temperature at any time
Clear Parameter Display*
2.5'' LCD large screen gives intuitive temperature viewing and parameter setting



Elitech STC-1000Pro Thermostat Operation-Elitech UK


Elitech Thermostat Comparision-Elitech_UK

Elitech Thermostat-Feeling the Joy of Life

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Works pretty well

These work pretty well, I ordered these to use with infrared panel heaters inside my flat. Really easy to set up, I didn't need the instructions to do this.

I've had to play around with where to put the probe in relation to the panel heater as there was no information about this in the instructions. This took some time to work out.

Result: I've found that approx 30cm away from the infrared panel seems to be about right. The probe will pick up when the room is above the temperature you've set and switch the heat source off.

Mr H
Highly Recommended

This is a really handy piece of equipment for amateur home-brewing. It takes all the hassle out of keeping an eye on the temperature, and making sure I have happy yeast!

This controller is straight forward and logical enough to operate. The LCD screen is bright and clear. Build quality is good, which gives me reassurance for leaving it plugged-in and turned-on for days on end. Device also appears to be accurate as I corroborated its readings with another thermometer.

Was so impressed with this device that I bought a second unit. Can't say more in recommendation than that!

Jana Marie

One of the best controllers I've used to control temp and RH(heater & humidifier). Easy to setup and way more customizable then other controller brands like inkbird. Make sure you read the directions carefully though, you need to set up the device to your specific parameters.
Just set temp/RH and it will control the devices you plug into it keeping a constant temp & humidity level. There are high/low alarms which saved me already by going off at 6am to see my RH down to 10% because my humidifier had run dry. LCD screen is large and easy to read , solid build overall.
The only thing that it could use is a longer probe wire length(I believe it is only 6') so that it can be mounted further away from from where you want to take your readings.

,Steven S.

This thing is great, heat, cool, humidifier or dehumidifier. Heat is spot on accurate. Humidity is very close. I'm using this for a grow tent and it's doing a great job keeping my plants where they need to be to promote growth. I'm currently running heat and humidity. The directions look confusing at first glance but in truth it's extremely easy to set up. Unit is very close to the high end thermometer and hygrometer that I have in my tent.


I have used quite a few of these devices for temperature control on various projects and always work perfectly.

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