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Elitech RC-51 USB Temperature Data Logger Recorder Tester, 32000 Recordings, PDF Report, IP67 Waterproof, Multiple Alarms, 2-Year Battery Life with Calibration Certified

by Elitech
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Elitech RC–51 Waterproof USB Temperature Data logger is ideal for pharmaceuticals, medical cabinets, fresh food cabinets, laboratories, etc. You can use it to monitor and record temperature in cold chain management that require quick response data logger.

All Elitech Waterproof USB Temperature Data loggers are durable and strong due to their transparent waterproof and crash proof PC casing. Every part is subjected to strict quality inspection as per the FDA & CE standards.

Every Elitech Waterproof USB Temperature Data logger has: multifunction LCD display, large memory capacity, 2 year battery life, LED and ability to auto generate data reports. This makes the RC-51 data logger a convenient and efficient equipment to monitor temperature of sensitive goods.

The pen-style design, multiple temperature zone statistics and multiple options of time zones; makes it adaptable and versatile equipment in all industries. A compact design, multiple times of start and stop and one button operation makes it easy to use.

This Elitech data logger features a replaceable battery, unique MKT algorithm, IP67 high protection grade and one button operation.

Multi-Use Temperature Data Logger

Multi-use, Pen-style design, compact size, Water Proof IP65, wide range of applications

Large Capacity Recording & Report Export

32000 recording for temperature, support data cycle and cover. Auto generation of PDF data report without software, excel report is accessible via software.

Free Management Software

Mac/Win supported software, adjustable log interval from 10s-24h; selectable temperature unit: °C and ℉

Easy Settings

Multiple temperature zone statistics, multiple times of start and stop, settable alarm thresholds

High/low temperature alarm setting/multiple alarm setting

Temperature measuring range:-30℃~70℃/22℉~158℉
Temperature accuracy:±0.5℃/0.9℉(-20℃~-40℃),±1℃/1.8℉(others)
Sensor:built-in NTC
Alarm type:unitary/cumulative
Communication type:USB 2.0
Battery life:2 years/ ER14250 button cell
Validation Certificate: Handcopy
Item dimension(in) and weight(g): 5.16*0.94(diameter);60g
Package: 1* Data Logger 1*ER14250 battery 1*User Manual

Elitech RC-51 USB Temperature Data Logger

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
eric consulteric consult
Ideal for measuring fridge and freezer temperatures

Very easy to use and we data log temperatures every 10 seconds for 3 days.Unit automatically prints out a report when plugged in to a lap topCan export data in EXCEL for use in data logging.You need the supplier free software to change settings and reset.We had a fridge freezer that stopped working for about 2 hours every day at random times.Without the data we would never got are fridge repaired.Can also log room temperatures

Mohammed Sharif

Easy to useOne set up using the software you dont ever need to use the software againI see some people have been strugglingFor first time set up use the "paramter" option on the softwareOnce that is set up you just have to hold the button on the logger and after a few second is shows "ReC" to show it has started logging. Then once you have finishing logging you can take the logger out of whereever it is being used (ie fridge) then hold the button again and after a few seconds it shows "StOp" on the screen. After this you just insert the logger into the usb port on the computer and it automatically opens up the directory where the PDF is auto generated. this is very useful and very very easy to use. I aloso like the fact that there is a magnet at the top of the logger so it easier to mount. These are much better than the Lascar loggers which cost 3x more. My only complaint is how long it takes to reach the temperature. In a fridge it takes upto 30minutes to settle down. This is when the lascar loggers come in handy as they offer a "K-type" version where you can plug in an external probe and this reaches the temperature very quickly. If Elitech can make this , it would make a huge difference. the lascar item i am referring to is the EL-USB-TC or EL-USB-TC-LCDthanks


Great device for using and understanding my RV refrigerator. Help determine the best setting. Also helped understand the difference between each side of the freezer and the top and bottom of the refrigerated section. Norcold 4-door.

,Eric D. Hehl

Works great for keeping daily logs of my garbage samsung fridge that wasnt keeping accurate cooling. Would have wild swings randomly (it spoiled my thanksgiving turkey because it wouldnt hold temperature)

I’m using this to know my fridge is cooling and staying within the safe food limits so I don’t myself or family food poisoning.

Fee Dee
Compact data logger with USB port

Small, compact, relatively easy to set up computer software, set up and down load temperature data.

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