Elitech GSP-6 Temperature and Humidity Data Logger Recorder, 16000 Points, Dual Sensors, Large LCD Display, Multi-Use
【LARGE RECORD CAPACITY】- Up to 16000 temperature readings and 16000 humidity readings for worry-free usage 【TEMPERATURE & HUMIDITY】- Equipped with one external temperature sensor and one external temperature-humidity combined sensor for 3 different temperature-humidity measuring types (set via ElitechLog Software)....
£40.99 from £34.99
Elitech RC-4HC Temperature and Humidity Data Logger (USB)
Elitech(UK) RC-4HC Mini Temperature and Humidity Data Logger is mainly used for temperature and humidity recording during storage and transportation of foodstuff, medicine, chemicals and other products, especially widely used in all links of warehousing, logistics and cold chain, such...
£27.99 from £21.99
Temtop LKC-1000S+ Air Quality Monitor Air Pollution Tester for Indoor and outdoor with PM2.5 PM10 HCHO AQI Particles VOCs Humidity and Temperature
【NEWEST AIR QUALITY DETECTOR】The latest 9-IN-1 air quality detector measures PM2.5, PM10, particles, HCHO(formaldehyde), TVOC, AQI, temperature, humidity and recording histogram function(★Reflects the change in concentration of formaldehyde and PM2.5 within 12 hours). 【ACCURATE & LONG LAST SENSOR】With our latest...
£98.99 £79.99
Elitech ATC-1550 Pre-wired Digital Temperature Controller, Heating,Cooling and Lighting Output, Touch-key Thermostat
Elitech ATC-1550 (ATC1550) thermostat is a smart "supper-easy" series temperature controller, and it is used for the temperature controller, which automatically needs a cooling and heating switch. Elitech ATC-1550 is the updated version of the classic model STC-1000 and E-1000. ATC-1550...
£24.99 from £19.99
Elitech LT-2 Thermometer and Hygrometer Temperature and Humidity Meter
Only stock in UKElitech LT-2 is an exquisite ultra thin digital thermometer and hygrometer. It could simultaneously display temperature and humidity. Memorize the max and min temperature and humidity values. You can switch between ℃ and ℉. It is suitable for...
£7.99 from £5.99
Temtop P1000 Air Quality Monitor CO2 PM2.5 PM10 Air Quality Detector Wall Mounted
Multiple functions - can detect carbon dioxide, PM2.5, PM10, temperature and humidity. High-precision detection - Conforms to ISO quality standards, NDIR's high-precision laser particle sensor and infrared carbon dioxide sensor are used. The detection time is short and accurate. Extra-long...
£105.00 £59.99
Elitech VT-10 Digital Thermometer with External Sensor
Elitech VT-10 thermometer with external/internal dual temperature measurement function, LCD screen, also the minimum/maximum memory, high/low alarm setting, etc. The external sensor line is 3 meters long and has a closed buffer to ensure that the temperature measurement is not affected...
£19.99 from £9.99
Elitech LD-100 Refrigerant Halogen Gas Leak Detector HVAC Heated Diode Freon Halogen Gas Checker Heated Diode - Portable Handheld
Elitech LD-100 Refrigerant Leak Detector offers great sensitivity and the fastest response. This is achieved through the employment of a high sensitive semi-conductive sensor combined with a sophisticated microprocessor-controlled circuit. In addition to the supreme performance and functional advantages, it...
£59.99 £49.99
Temtop M1000 Indoor Air Quality Monitor,Detector,Tester for Homeowners Renters & HVAC Pros - Measure PM2.5 HCHO TVOC Formaldehyde Temperature Humidity
High-precision electrochemical HCHO sensor, laser particle sensor HCHO measurement: range: 0-5 mg/m³, resolution: 0.001 mg/m³ TVOC measurement: range: 0-9 mg/m³, resolution: 0.001 mg/m³ PM2.5 measurement: range: 0-999 ug/m³, resolution: 0.1 ug/m³ Large display, best for home, office or various occasions,...
£105.99 £59.99
Elitech ECS-11 Digital Temperature Controller Refrigerant Cooling System with Defrost Mode, One-way Cooling Control Output, Direct Drive Single-phase 1.5HP Compressor
Elitech ECS-11 (ECS11) is a universal, high-precision, easy-to-operate temperature controller, suitable for temperature control of refrigeration. Refrigeration relay output could reach 30A/240VAC, which could directly drive a single-phase 1.5Hp compressor. With temperature measurement, temperature display, temperature control, temperature correction, sensor...
from £18.99
Elitech LD-200 Refrigerant Halogen Gas Leak Detector HVAC Heated Diode Freon Halogen Gas Tester-Rechargeable
Elitech LD-200 Refrigerant Leak Detector offers the greatest sensitivity and short response time of any portable refrigerant detector available. This is achieved through the employment of a high sensitive heated diode sensor combined with a sophisticated microprocessor-controlled circuit. This refrigerant leak...
£69.99 £59.99
Elitech EK-3010L Two-way Output Digital Temperature Controller Heating or Cooling Mode With Lighting Output, Temperature Probe Sensor Input, Touch-key
 // Unavailable in the EU * Elitech EK-3010L is a customed type of Elitech EK-3010. Based on EK-3010, It adds lighting output control and changes the temperature relay's current from 10A to 16A, which directly drives a single-phase compressor 1HP. EK-3010L is...
£25.99 £18.99
Elitech EK-1000 Temperature Controller 220V Aquarium Thermostat with Cooling and Heating Auto Switch Defrost Mode
A thermostat with three control outputs: refrigeration, defrosting and lighting. Mini digital temperature controller for fermentation hatch freezer Heating and Cooling. Can be used for domestic freezer, middle and low-temperature cold storage, refrigerator, aquarium, home brewing beer, etc. Six touch...
£34.99 £16.99
Temtop P20 PM2.5 Air Quality Monitor Professional Laser Particle Sensor Detector Real Time Temperature Humidity Display Rechargeable Battery
New 3-IN-1 air quality monitor for PM2.5, Temperature and Humidity. Conforms to ISO quality standards. Temtop 3rd generation laser particle sensor combined with unique particle swarm optimization algorithm makes particle measurement more accurate and stable. Multi-functional four buttons: Max/Min Temperature...
£69.99 £54.99
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