Elitech Tlog 100 Series Ultra-Low Temperature and Humidity Data Logger for medicine during storage and transportation

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Elitech Tlog 100 series temperature and humidity data logger (Multi use USB ultra-low temperature recorder) is mainly used to monitor the temperature and humidity of medicine during storage and transportation. It visualizes every segment in the supply chain of drugs. 

Elitech Tlog 100 series temperature and humidity data logger include 5 types, Tlog 100,Tlog 100E, Tlog 100EC, Tlog 100H, Tlog 100EH. 

Temperature Data Logger: Tlog 100,Tlog 100E, Tlog 100EC;
Temperature and Humidity Data Logger: Tlog 100H, Tlog 100EH. 


  • Safe and Secure: The software is FDA certified.
  • High-Precision: Sensor Imported Sensirion sensors with precise original calibration.
  • Nanoscale Packaging Technology: PTFE membrane adopted for protecting the sensor from contamination by liquids and dust while ensuring sensor performance.
  • Brand New Air Chamber Design: Air flow based air chamber allows for the best possible thermal coupling to the environment and rapid sensing of the actual ambient temperature.
  • Button Sunken: Elimination of misoperation caused by cargo jolts during transportation.
  • Multiple Scenario Application: Data transmission by USB and Bluetooth to meet different operation needs.
  • Suitable for various environmental demands including incubator, cool cabinets, cryogenic refrigerator, dry ice and liquid nitrogen.
    Model Tlog 100 Tlog 100E Tlog 100EC Tlog 100H Tlog 100EH
    Sensor Type Internal Temperature External Temperature External Cryogenic Internal Temperature and Humidity External Temperature and Humidity
    Temperature Range -30  ~ 70  -40  ~85  -85  ~ 150  -30℃ 70℃ -40℃ 85℃
    Humidity Range / / / 100% RH 0-100% RH
    Data Interface USB USB USB USB USB

    Temperature Accuracy ±0.3 (-20 〜40); ±0.5℃(-50℃ 〜85℃); +1℃(-100℃ -150℃); +2℃(others)
    Humidity Accuracy ±3% RH (25: 20% RH~80% RH); +5% RH (others)
    Temperature Resolution 0.1℃
    Humidity Resolution 0.1% RH
    Memory 32000 Points (MAX)
    START MODE Press button or use software
    ALARM MODE Single, cumulative
    REPORT TYPE PDF format
    BATTERY CR2450 3.0V wide-temperature button cell
    BATTERY LIFE 2 years for storage and use; Cumulatively 180 days at 10 min logging interval and 25 C (Bluetooth not on)

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