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Elitech LMG-10 Digital Manifold Gauge Free Trial | ElitechEU

Elitech LMG-10 Digital Manifold Gauge Free Trial

Elitech LMG-10 Digital Manifold Gauge FREE Trial (Only Two pcs!)

Elitech LMG-10 Digital Manifold Gauge-Elitech UK

About LMG-10 Digital Manifold Gauge

Elitech LMG-10 digital manifold gauge set is a perfect replacement for traditional analog gauges. It stores 88 kinds of refrigerant pressure-evaporation temperature databases. Equipped with a large LCD, 2-way valve block with three connections, and a suspension hook, the HVAC/R instrument enables a convenient application. Real-time measurements of superheating and subcooling automatically saved troubles of manual calculations.
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LMG-10 Free Trial

As our new product, we launched a trial event to let professional customers give real evaluations, help us to promote and improve the product.

This trial is aimed at professional air-conditioning repair companies and personnel. The scope is located in the EU and the UK. We will select 2 people from all registered personnel for the trial. The postage is also borne by Elitech UK.


1. Professional users. Try to use the company email address when signing up so that we can verify the company.
2. Video shooting (real scene shooting) is required for the use of the product, which can truly show the function and performance of the product.
3. It is necessary to take video shots of the product's usage experience, both advantages and disadvantages need to be presented.
4. Elitech's old customers have priority. If you have purchased Elitech related products before, please attach the order details in the application email.

Way of Participation

Send email to “”

Email Format Requiement

Subject - Elitech LMG-10 Free Trial
Content - Name, Company, Adress, Previous order detail (If have), Others you want to tell.


1.The end of this event is 07/10/2021
2.We will announce the two people who have finally obtained the free trial qualification on 09/10/2021
3.Elitech UK has the final right to interpret this event

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