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Let Your Cute Hedgehog live at a Comfortable Temperature | ElitechEU

Let Your Cute Hedgehog live at a Comfortable Temperature

Elitech STC-1000X Thermostat——Always Let Your Cute Hedgehog live at a Comfortable Temperature

Hedgehogs are a very cute heterothermic animal. They cannot regulate their body temperature steadily. Therefore, maintaining a suitable environment temperature is very important for the breeding of hedgehogs.

So in what environment does the hedgehog need to live?

hedgehog nest

Large glass containers or solid bottom cages are good habitats for hedgehogs. Hedgehogs like to explore, so the size of the cage should be as large as possible. A larger cage also has better ventilation. For exercise, in addition to a large enough cage, prepare a large enough wheel. At the same time, provide a hiding place for the hedgehog, such as a sleeping bag or an igloo.

Hedgehog living temperature

Hedgehogs need an ambient temperature of 24-27 degrees. Keep the hedgehog’s cage away from drafts, direct sunlight, or cold places. Provide a small warm place for the hedgehog in the cage so that he can go to get warm, and if he feels too hot, he can also leave.

Elitech STC-1000X Used in Hedgehog Feeding

Elitech STC-1000X is a precise and easy-to-operate thermostat, which can provide a comfortable living environment temperature for hedgehogs. Our customers have bought it for hedgehog breeding and repurchased it many times.

If you also raise a hedgehog, then using Elitech STC-1000X will definitely make your little hedgehog's life happier.

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