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Portable Electronic Temperature and Humidity Data Logger

Advances in digital electronics have created portable temperature and humidity data loggers for transport. They are battery powered and small enough to be placed next to or between fresh charges that record temperature and humidity. You can configure them to create records as frequently as once per second or infrequently as hourly. Some allow an interval of 18 hours. The only limit is the number of data points that can be stored. Therefore, if you set the recording at a higher rate, the storage space will run out faster.

Temperature accuracy is usually ±0.5°C and humidity is ±3.0%RH. they can be programmed to start after a delay time. After recovery, you can connect them to a PC and transfer the data to Excel or other software packages for analysis. If the maximum or minimum limit is exceeded, you can set an alarm and illuminate the LEDs to immediately detect any problems.

FDA compliant temperature data logger

Under CFR 21, the FDA requires drugs to be stored at the proper temperature. You can use a recorder to demonstrate compliance with this standard. Under 21 CFR Pt. 11, electronic recording is allowed. (In EU EudraLex Volume 4, Appendix 11). When applied to biological materials, the FDA also expects temperature monitoring during the freeze drying process.

Elitech portable temperature and humidity data logger

Elitech offers a variety of temperature and humidity loggers for transportation or other applications. The compact OM-90 series supports a range from minus 30 to 80°C (-22 to 176°F) and 0 to 100% relative humidity and can record approximately 65,000 readings.

In particular, the OM-CP-EGGTEMP series, designed to monitor egg transport, is an oval shape that easily fits in a shipping package with a temperature range of 0 to 60°C (32 to 140°F) to 0 to 95% relative humidity. Works within the temperature range. Can hold over 32,000 measurements.

The freeze-drying process requires very low temperatures, so the OM-CP-LYOTEMP is designed for a negative operating range of -60 to 75°C (-76 to 167 F). The recorder is connected to a PC via a USB docking station. dedicated software includes functions such as recording the average load temperature.

For situations where multiple recordings are required, such as B. Several refrigerated cabinets, Elitech offers the 4-channel OM-DVT4. The LCD display accepts input from three external probes and one internal sensor and displays all four temperatures as well as alarm status, remaining memory, sample status, and other settings.

Another way to monitor temperature is with a disposable temperature logger. Elitech offers both the OM-CP-TRANSITEMP-EC and OM-21 data loggers. Compact and inexpensive, they are designed to be loaded at the point of origin and collected for final delivery. The operating range is -20 to 70°C (-4 to 158°F) [OM-21 is -30°C (-22°F)] and, like the other loggers listed, it can easily collect data for transfer to your PC. comments. (The OM-21 actually prepares data in PDF format and behaves like a USB flash drive).

A wide range of products, from vaccines and chemicals to eggs and artwork, must be transported under controlled environmental conditions. Handheld temperature and humidity loggers provide a time-stamped record of what is encountered during transport and are a valuable source of evidence for making claims in the event of loss or damage.

In the pharmaceutical sector, FDA regulations dictate that medications must be stored at the correct temperature and freeze-dried under controlled conditions. Temperature and humidity logging demonstrates compliance with the regulations and, if performed correctly, complies with the FDA's electronic recordkeeping requirements.

The latest generation of temperature and humidity recorders are compact and inexpensive and can be easily integrated into shipping or shipping packages. Accuracy is typically within 0.5°C and the batteries last for a long time. Such technologies allow for dramatic increases in temperature sensing and help ensure the safety of supply chains and products designed to maintain human health.

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