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Wireless Temperature Monitoring in Meat Processing

Elitech wireless temperature data loggers provide critical temperature monitoring for refrigeration and leading meat producers during cooling distribution.

The use of the wireless temperature data logger ranges from the initial monitoring of the initial incoming meat for processing, cooling and storage, to the distribution of temperature control. Effective monitoring ensures that the entire cold chain complies with quality standards including HACCP measures.

Meat producers should take their hygiene responsibilities seriously when it comes to meat processing. A simple ambient temperature problem can mean that the product is contaminated, poorly squeezed or at worst. To help them comply with strict food processing regulations and their own strict internal best practices, meat producers find them easy to install and operate, and inexpensive to ensure food hygiene. Elitech wireless temperature data logging system selected target.

Like other food processors, meat processors must consider the ambient temperature of the meat used for processing, the food storage before and after processing, and the ambient temperature at which the final product is transported to its final destination

Meat production companies have established their own total quality systems with 35 strict procedures to ensure safe and hygienic workplace and transportation. A total of 20 self-configurable wireless Elitech temperature data loggers were installed in locations around the site and in delivery trucks that had to monitor the temperature. Data is automatically transferred from each logger to a central receiver, which is connected to a PC in the network. In this way, you no longer need to manually download each temperature data logger and analyze the data in the logger, group, or all data loggers at any time over a networked computer or Internet. In the event of a temporary interruption or interruption in the transmission of data, for example, if the van with the wireless recorder leaves the facility, the data will be retained until the return range of the recorder or until the truck returns to the yard. Stored locally, the recorded data is automatically transmitted to a central receiver. A1 Bacon ensures that data is never lost.

Still, with Elitech's wireless temperature data logger software, you can view your PC and track the temperature of the truck in your garden with two mouse clicks. You can also ensure that the temperature of these trucks is correct, which will be automatically sent to your PC for analysis when the rest of the fleet returns from the delivery point and parks in the receiver's yard. You run a successful and busy business that can be easily seen in a factory or shipyard fleet by controlling ambient temperatures from anywhere. Less.

Another important advantage of products that must comply with rules and regulations is remote warning signals. In the food industry, it is necessary to monitor ambient temperature 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If the location is unattended, for example b. at night, some people will receive an email or SMS notification due to temperature monitoring issues. Issue and take corrective action.

Meat producers have decided to introduce their own integrated quality system. This allows data recording to be selected to reduce labor and cost, achieve unique production quality objectives, and ensure compliance with UK and European food hygiene laws. Contains food hygiene regulations 2004, general food regulations 2004 and European parliament and council regulations.

Quit the quality manager. With the Elitech wireless temperature data logger system, you can control the ambient temperature without major administrative intervention. This way, you can easily achieve your quality goals and external management.

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